12 inch wheel

12 inch wheel

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Axle diameter

Made of proven, durable polyurethane and strong enough to take the abuse of neglected, abandoned rails!

* Non-conductive

* Quiet and smooth running 

* Won't set off crossings!  

* 200*F to -40*F thermal range

These are in use all over the world, from the hot desserts of India, to the cold tundras of Alaska. 

This wheel is also VERY popular with the guys in Hollywood. Looking to build a camera trolley? Consider our wheels!

* Railriders saving tracks all over the world

    * 12 inch railroad wheel     

    * 11 pounds each 

    * 450 pound service weight on each wheel's riding surface 

    * 3-1/2 inch riding surface  

    * One inch high 90 degree flange 

    * 3/4 inch hub with keyway standard. Other sizes available by request

    * Optional open center with a 1&5/8" center hole

    * Optional power take off hubs with spindles

          * 6 spline 1&1/8 OR 1&3/8 bore 

Available in dark blue only. 

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