Somewhere in Tasmaina on narrow track



Shown with a 3/4 hub with keyway



Made of durable Polyurethane. 

The inner 10" center is made of pressed steel, it has a 1 5/8 hole in center, I can leave it like that and you do your thing - OR..

I can put in a different size hub, 

 or a power take-off

Different size steel hubs with keyway
2 set screws
9/16  to  1-1/4 bore


Power take-off hubs with spindles
6-spline with set screw
1-1/8  & 1-3/8 bore


    -  The railroad wheels are made of proven durable polyurethane,.  They can take the heat, up to 200 degrees, cold to 40 degrees below 0. These railroad wheels are on the rails in the deserts of India, and the tundras of Alaska, and been used in several African wars - and can take the abuse of old abandoned rails.   Since 1975 and still going...........

    * Railriders - saving rails all over the world
    * 12 inch railroad wheel    
    * 11 pounds   
    * 500 pounds service weight each wheels riding surface  
    * 3-1/2 inch riding surface    
    * One inch high 90 degree flange = 14 inch measurement   
    * 3/4 inch hub with keyway, unless you want different size    
    * Colors: black, red, purple, yellow, or dark blue (most popular)

  Shipping information

     1 Box - 22 high x15x15 - 48 pounds
    To find shipping cost - you contact a shipping co. 
     or US mail for rates