17 inch wheel

17 inch wheel

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Due to supply chain issues the 17" wheel is no longer in production. I anticipate its return by June 2018. 

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Made of proven, durable polyurethane and strong enough to take the abuse of neglected, abandoned rails!

* Non-conductive

* Quiet and smooth running 

* Won't set off crossings!  

* 200*F to -40*F thermal range

These are in use all over the world, from the hot desserts of India, to the cold tundras of Alaska. 

Our 17" wheel is a favorite of Railparks everywhere!

This wheel has been in production since the 1970's and many of the original wheels are still actively used daily by rail parks that were among the first in the industry. 

Did you know that the roller coasters at Disney World run on Polyurethane wheels?

* Railriders saving tracks all over the world

    * 17 inch railroad wheel     

    * 16 pounds each 

    * 250 pounds service weight on each wheels riding surface 

    * 3-1/2 inch riding surface  

    * One inch high 90 degree flange 

    * 3/4 inch hub with keyway 

Available in dark blue only. 

Questions on something not covered? Contact me: railriders@railriders.net

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