About Us


Founded in 1975 by Ron Forster, a baby boomer and disabled veteran, whose dream of turning disused and forgotten railroads into usable recreation led him to reinvent the wheel, the railroad wheel! Ron and his wheels have been featured in Time Magazine as well as many railroad publications. One of his many noteworthy accomplishments included a program taking visually impaired and disabled individuals for rides on a RailRider. People who had never pedaled a bike in their life finally had the chance! 

In 2017, after 42 years of building the very best lightweight railroad wheels Ron passed the torch to the next generation. Though he remains a close technical adviser his newfound retirement has opened up time to pursue other hobbies.  

Railriders continue to be built in the USA by one person. Even though we are a small one man operation you will find our high quality work all over the world. From the frozen tundras of Alaska to the desert plains of India, the war torn regions of Africa to the Andes Mountains and many rail parks all over the world. Our wheels are durable and have proven to have an outstanding safety record.