Railrider-4 seat

Railrider-4 seat

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Engine mount
**Due to supply chain problems beyond my control, until further notice ALL RailRider kits will be sold with the 12" RailRider wheel**
As the standard 17" wheel becomes available again I will exchange the 17" for the 12" wheels your kit was sold with as long as the 12" wheels are received intact and damage free. 

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Re-introducing the 4 person Rail Rider! 

Saving the rails since 1975!

The basic 4 seat Rail Rider comes equipped with the following:

* 4 seats
* 4 cranks(pedals, chain, & sprockets)
* Dual disc brakes(front & rear)
* (4) 17 inch polyurethane wheels-dark blue only 

Rail Rider frames are constructed from lightweight, durable aluminum and professionally welded.

A completed Rail Rider WITH an engine weighs in at less than 150 pounds!

From there we can add just about anything:

* Motor
* Lights
* Sweep kit: To knock light debris from dirty rails
* Tow hitch
* Overhead sunshade/roof
* Cargo tray
* Battery box

Your Railrider will be shipped disassembled in about 6 boxes and assembles with basic, common hand tools!

For the time being the Rail Rider is built to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for construction and delivery.
Email us to get a more accurate time quote: railriders@railriders.net

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