SINCE 1975
all over the world RAILRIDERS are in use SAVING railroad tracks

-- Open a Rail-Park in your area

For prices contact me


Dark Blue
17 inch
polyurethane wheels

 3/4 Axles


4 Key ways each


100% aluminum

2 - Front & Back
main frames
2 - 6' long Center Posts
with bottom bracket tube

Frame is sold right from the shop, you clean and polish it how you want it

For more detail photos of the frame and axles write me

Add a motor, engine, deck, top, make it longer.... Or if you wanted to buy just the wheels and axles and make your own frame we can do that.

Make the center posts any length you want




Freewheel Adaptor

I also have the Freewheel (Which you can buy from your local bike shop) or me. 

The Freewheel Adaptor I reamed out to 3/4 inch

email me for prices

17" wheels

Red, Yellow, Black are extra charge 

Because there are so many kinds of bike parts, you go to your local shop and install what you want.

Used in many applications all over the world
renegades, Inspections, Mapping, gathering coffee beans, in some African wars, many Rail-Parks,...,.......   

Used by -

Used by -

Used  in  some  Nukeculer  power  plants

Look at the many ways you can
build your Railrider

Go to my picture page and see
all over the world in many uses

After you buy wheels - I can send you these plans