There are many ways to power a Railrider, over the years I have seen different kinds of gas engines & motors, even sails.  I have used a 3 1/2 horse, & a 5 horse.  Get an engine with a good muffler, you'll enjoy the outdors more.  That's why my wheels are the best, no noise - just you and nature.l...    


Electric motor in France
Great RailPark, beautiful castle nearby




Ham's creation, works great...

HANK says,
Most all the 3/4" bearings and blocks are available through www.mcmaster.com.  You can also find some parts cheaper here, www.surpluscenter.com.  Your gear ratio should be anywhere from 9 to 1 up to 13 to 1.    I have an electric 3600 RPM motor and run 11T on motor and 98T on axle.  That's approximately 9 to 1.  My top speed is about 24MPH.   A friend of mine has a 4HP gas motor on his and runs about a 13 to 1 ratio. He uses a jack shaft to obtain this.  His top speed is only about 18MPH, but he has more low end toque.   4 to 1 is no good.  You will burn out your clutch.