Faced with using one of these?

Is this your daily thing?

Are these in the backseat?

The greatest invention since the TREE


Look at that face, is that complete relief or what?  

- you are in your car, ya gotta go (NUMBER ONE), use Pissonitall, the greatest PISS ON THE GO concept since the tree. Can't find a rest stop, or worse, in commuter traffic - NO PROBLEM - in total privacy, nobody knows, you save time, and that feeling you are going to burst can be relieved anywhere you want. Just sit there and pee.   Or if you are at a concert, or your X-wife's lawyer's office - just strap it to your leg...

- We do suggest you are NOT driving while doing this -

Pissonitall is made by a Disabled Veteran/Baby Boomer and has been used for years to relieve mine and my friends problems.

Road-trip tested a-lot 


The supplier of this product regrets I cannot supply females with a similar wonderful product, however if you write me I can come up with something

8" long X 2 1/2 opening white round plastic cylinder with a 3 foot long tube to direct stream......

ONLY - $6.95 

Postage - $4.05 anywhere in USA & Canada

= $11.00 total

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