About Us


Not too long in the distant past, before jetliners ruled the skies and the automobile became mainstream, the world traveled on rails. As the twentieth century pressed on and the rail networks of the world began to shrink in size they left many thousands of miles of unused track in their wake. The Railrider was invented as a way to reuse the abandoned railroad tracks littered across the world.

Using top quality materials and good old fashioned American manufacturing we bring to market the finest "Rail Bikes" in the world. Railriders.net is the #1 choice of  hobbyists and Rail Parks alike worldwide. We invented the modern 4 wheel railroad bicycle and the polyurethane railroad wheel.  If it wasn't built by Railriders.net, it's just a cheap copy! Our products can be found in all 50 US States and at least 47 countries. From the frozen tundra of Alaska to the desert plains of India, the war torn regions of Africa to the Andes Mountains. Strong enough for military use and affordable enough for anyone.

Railriders is family owned and operated and we are located in Leadville, Colorado USA.